[Ann] [] 1 Year Anniversary October 9, 2020 and 1,000 Satoshis for you just by readi


Hello there,

William Nabaza here or weblord with another opportunity of 1,000 satoshis for you.

Our 1 year anniversary is on October 9, 2020 for and we are ready to face it with a bang, Here's an opportunity for you to get 1,000 satoshis by playing this bitcoin mining game: Please kindly read on..

Ever wanted to become a bicoin contract miner someday? Now you can in a make believe game you're playing at the same time you're earning bitcoins.

Now join in and pay attention to the earn menu.

Here's a screenshot to prove it to you.
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="image hosted at"></a>

To our success,
William Nabaza


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